Frequently Asked Questions


    [acc title="Do I need internet Connection to use" style="style3" ]Yes, if you choose any our Hosted Service Plans then you must have an internet connection to use [/acc]

    [acc title="Will work with my current website?" style="style3" ]Of course! If you already have a website, you can easily add your current design and layout to your powered site. You can also easily set up your site with a custom domain name or subdomain. [/acc]

    [acc title="Do I need my own hosting server?" style="style3" ]Nope. We host your ERP on our own powerful cloud servers. We've carefully configured them to provide you a consistent performance. There's no need for you to setup your own server. [/acc]

    [acc title="Do I need to buy my own domain?" style="style3" ]No, you do not need to buy your own domain. You’ll get a free sub domain on with your desired site name that you specify at the time of registration. So your site address will look like . [/acc]

    [acc title="How long does it take to get started after purchase?" style="style3" ]Once you signup you will get an email with all the instructions, which will help you to get started immediately. Your is only few clicks away. [/acc]

    [acc title="I’m not exactly tech savvy, can I still use" style="style3" ]Absolutely. is really easy to setup - you just need to sign up and choose an appropriate plan, and we configure all the things needed for . You don't need any technical skills to manage your site. [/acc]

    [acc title="Are multiple languages supported?" style="style3" ]Nope. is currently only available in English, but you can modify the most of the content of your website in your desired language. [/acc]


    [acc title="Does my subscription include support?" style="style3" ]Yes, your subscription includes complimentary support via our online forums for the duration of your subscription. [/acc]

    [acc title="What types of issues are covered with support?" style="style3" ]Our support team will assist with general and technical questions as well as any technical errors you encounter. We do not provide customization services, but let us know if you have questions and we’ll be happy to make recommendations. [/acc]

    [acc title="How quickly can I expect a reply?" style="style3" ]Response times vary based on volume but we do our best to respond to all questions within several hours during business hours, or the next business day if submitted during off hours. [/acc]

    [acc title="Do you offer phone support?" style="style3" ]Our support is only offered through a forum based system at this time. We've found this method to be the most efficient means to assist customers since it allows issues to be easily tracked and relevant information to be indexed.[/acc]


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